About the Artist

For over fifty years Gale Fulton Ross has made an impression on the world with her expansive skills as an artist. Her career ambitions formed at an early age under the influence of her father, a pioneer in the nascent days of industrial design who inspired her with his concept of the Cadillac "fin". Her talent won awards in high school and placement in art college. She travelled as a post-graduate art journeyman, studying, painting, and exhibiting in Italy, France, and Africa.

Back at home, she lived and worked for decades in Sarasota, Florida. Her reknown has quietly expanded and her works can now be seen in museums, universities, and private collections around the country. Along the way she has also been an active supporter of the arts, an art educator, the creator of an art foundation dedicated to developing young artists, and the winner of a major Public Art contract for her work in sculpture.

Fulton Ross creates from within, driven by the emotions borne of many diverse cultural experiences; she is a passionate voice of the Black experience in America. Her prolific body of work reflects both the abstract and the figurative. 

She currently works from a studio in Camarillo, California, where she is creating 300 portraits for a traveling exhibition.

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